Theragun G3

Theragun G3: Maximum Massage for Stressed Muscles

Theragun G3

From “tech neck” and shoulder knots to tired and sore muscles after a workout, all of us could use a good massage. However, with our hectic schedules, it’s not so easy to schedule a regular massage to soothe and restore our muscles. And, many of the portable massage devices haven’t been that effective.

A relatively new portable massage device, however, may be the solution necessary for anyone that needs a massage on-demand. The Theragun now offers multiple product options. I selected the Theragun G3 because I wanted a massager that worked for general soreness and muscular knots versus using their pro version made more for athletes.

About Theragun G3 — How it Works and What it Does

The Theragun is a portable, handheld massager, weighing just shy of three pounds. It uses repetitive strokes to dig deep into muscles at a rapid vibration rate. The science behind the massage device is focused on achieving what other vibration massagers have not achieved, which is to stimulate circulation, generate heat, and release deep muscular tension.

The G3 model takes the technology from the G3Pro but dials down some of the other features to make this tool accessible to the everyday user who is looking for daily relief and an improved range of motion. This model does not have a removable battery,  adjustable angles, or as many attachment heads as the Theragun G3 Pro.

The exterior is made from professional-grade plastic and use an industrial-grade Japanese motor within this housing. The massager is powered by a Lithium-ion 3 cell, providing up to 60 minutes of massage motion.

Theragun Massager

Perceived Benefits

Theragun’s website says that the G3 can promote better range of motion, speed warm-up and recover after workouts, and relieves muscle spasms. It is also designed to help with breaking up adhesions in the muscles and improving muscle coordination. Other benefits include enhanced sleep, better posture, and less soreness.

Based on my experience in using it, I believe that it accomplishes these benefits. Regular use has helped me feel good after workouts and took away the pain I would typically get in my neck and back from sitting all day in front of a computer. I found I particularly effective for treating my sciatica, which, in turn, enabled me to sleep better.

What I Like About the Theragun G3

One of the best things about the massager is that it is so quiet. That allows me to use it in the office without disturbing those around me. I’ve also been able to use it at home in the evenings when I come back from the gym without waking anyone up.

Other things I like about the Theragun G3 is the choice of speeds and attachment heads that work on different muscle groups and help various parts of my body recover quickly. The different attachments are easy to attach and then remove when you want to use another one. If you decide to get a Pro model, then you can use the attachments from each on either massage device.

Another plus is that it is lightweight, which means it is easy to take with me to the office, gym, and on the road without it feeling cumbersome. The carrying case for it is a bonus.

Theragun G3

Potential Improvements

The only thing that could be better is the price. While I realize the price has come down since it was first introduced and it’s less than the Pro version, it’s still expensive for the average person.

What Comes in the Box?

Available in black or white, the Theragun retails for $399 with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The massage device comes with a travel case, one built-in lithium-ion battery, a lithium-ion battery charger, three physician-designed attachment heads (a dampener, standard ball, and thumb attachment) to use on different parts of the body, and a cone to pinpoint the muscle treatment.

Purchase Options

The Theragun G3 is available from the company’s website as well as other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Overall Thoughts

Despite the cost, I still believe it’s a good value and provides enough relief to make it a worthwhile purchase. Anyone that knows the powerful benefits of a deep tissue massage will enjoy using this device between massage appointments. It has given me relief from muscle knots and spasms that were impacting my quality of life.

The company does offer zero-percent financing. This credit plan helps people pay for the massager over time without incurring interest.

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